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Company Citroen is one of the most important French companies manufactured for cars, which was established in 1919 by Andre Citroen, the company has to revolutionize the automotive world since its appearance.

Since the beginning Citroen have Adoption of sophisticated technology in the automotive industry, Citroen does not depend on the multiplicity of models, but on a few models advantages better than the rest of the other vehicles in the auto market.

the headquarters of Citroen is the French capital Paris and since 1976 a part of the Peugeot Citroen and experts expect Citroen to head the manufacture of other types of vehicles.

Company Ezz Al-Arab is the sole agent of Citroen in Egypt want to make all its services to provide the best for car lovers and the French company hopes to increase sales in the coming period especially with the release of mathematical models of Citroen.

Although Citroen is not very large companies in the automotive world, but it is seeking to book a place in the large car market through continuous development and determination to succeed.

Model Property power Price
C Elysee 2019 Automatic / Attraction 1600 55,125 AED
C Elysee 2019 Automatic / Attraction 1.6 1600 55,125 AED
C Elysee 2019 Automatic / Confort 1600 58,275 AED
C Elysee 2019 Automatic / Exclusive 1600 62,475 AED
Jumper 2019 Manual / Diesel 2200 117,600 AED

Citroën Showrooms

Abu Dhabi


P.O.Box: 73848

+971 (2) 446-7786


French Automobiles

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Phone: 97142972840
Fax :97142854056, 97142972841


P.O.Box: 10912

+971 (4) 298-6698

Citroën Cars Maintenance Center

Abu Dhabi


P.O.Box: 73848

+971 (2) 554-1378


French Automobiles Service Center

United Arab Emirates


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