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Peugeot is one of the major labels in the French car industry, which dates back to its founding in 1891 in the French city of Sochaux and was initially interested in mills and then headed to the bicycles industry in the 19th century to turn then to the automotive industry.

Peugeot Is the second largest company that makes cars in Europe after Volkswagen ,the President of the board of directors Christian Streiff has achieved many achievements in his time such as increased rate of production of cars and from it to increase sales and exports to the rest of the world,attributed after Christian Streiff to the President designers Jerome Jalex adopted to many of the additions in the new Peugeot models.

Egypt has recently witnessed the launch of the Peugeot 408 at Aotomak Fair 2011 the car is the pride of French industry, contains everything the user expect all accessories and extras, which makes the car with its multiple tasks on equipment safety and editability.

Peugeot is a favorite car in the Arab market in general and in the Egyptian market in particular, although the Peugeot is not a luxury car, but the economic advantages as appropriate and the availability of spare parts makes it a better choice for many car enthusiasts.

Model Property power Price
208 2020 Automatic / Active 1600 47,900 AED
301 2020 Automatic / Allure 1600 49,900 AED
2008 2019 Automatic / 1.6L Active 1600 69,900 AED
308 2020 Automatic / GT Line 1600 79,900 AED
3008 2020 Automatic / Active 1600 79,900 AED
5008 2020 Automatic / Active 1600 89,900 AED
508 2020 Automatic / Active 1600 89,900 AED
5008 2020 Automatic / Alure 1600 105,900 AED
3008 2020 Automatic / GT Line 1600 119,900 AED
508 2020 Automatic / Allure 1600 119,900 AED
5008 2020 Automatic / GT Line 1600 129,900 AED

Peugeot Showrooms

Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi Old Airport Road
Next to Carrefour,



Abu Dhabi Airport Road Beside HSBC,


Al Ain

Al Ain Showroom

Al Senayah


Peugeot 207 White 165,000 Km Dubai
date_range 2020-03-20
Peugeot 301 Silver 104,000 Km Dubai
date_range 2020-03-04
Peugeot Partner White 134,450 Km Dubai
date_range 2020-02-24
Peugeot 207 Red 199,999 Km Abu Dhabi
date_range 2020-02-04
Peugeot 207 Silver 132,000 Km Sharjah
date_range 2020-01-12

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